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Casino Nights Party Rentals Orange County California & Los Angeles

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Are you planning a casino nights party? Guests love glitzy Las Vegas themed parties with a chance to have fun and make some money. It can be a corporate party, a birthday party, a fundraiser or even a wedding that you want to flavor with a good dose of Vegas. Casino nights parties can bring the excitement of neon-lit ‘Sin City’ to your drawing room, backyard or banquet hall.

Bring Vegas to Your Casino Nights Party

To make it all as real as possible, we can help you arrange your party space like a casino floor and give you the option to rent casino tables and dealers for the big day. We offer casino night table rentals, with black jack tables, 3-card poker tables, Texas hold’em tables, single dealer or large craps table, roulette table and accessories to transform your premises into a swanky Vegas casino with immaculately dressed dealers to boot. Check out our exciting list of discounted packages for table rentals.

And we offer the best rates! On Casino Nights Party Rentals

We are constantly working to bring down your overheads so you can have a smashing party without causing a dent in your finances. Our casino equipment is fun, authentic and as reasonable as they get. And the best part is that you get to keep the money that your guests lose at the games. Over the course of your evening, you can even cover the costs of your party with our game tables! Get a price quote for our casino tables and find out.

Casino Nights Party Rentals Orange County CA and Los Angeles CA

Why Casino Nights Parties?

If you love to gamble but don’t want to hand over all your cash to a casino, casino nights parties are for you. You can throw them in the comfort of your own home. You control the money that comes in. You decide where it goes, whether to you or to a fundraiser stash. You don’t even have to do take on all the planning and organizing yourself. Casino party planners like us will help you arrange for your game tables.

And you don’t have to worry about the cops gate-crashing – it’s completely legal as long as your guests are doing it for fun and not to make money. It’s a bonus that you may get to cover the costs of the party with the money you make through the evening!

Make it look like the real thing

You can make your party look like as close to real Vegas nightlife venues as possible. Dress up your tables with green felt for an authentic look. Use LED lights or glow sticks to spell out signs like ‘Get Lucky’. With Vegas-themed party favors, décor and our professionally-dressed dealers, you can bring an evening of thrill and glamour into the lives of your guests.

Some advice to hosting the perfect casino party

Here’s some advice from our years of experience with planning casino parties Guests can connect with co-workers or friends over a poker game or a game of roulette. With just the right amount of competition and fun, casino nights parties can be very exciting. But pick the date for the event thoughtfully. It’s ideal if you host the party on a weekend. Try not to host it towards the end of the pay period. People are likely to have less money to spend and may not appreciate a casino nights party as much as they would have liked to. If you can throw the party after payday, it’s best. People will have money to spend, and you can expect your guests to have a memorable time. Check out some of the games that you can organize for your guests.

Parties we have organized

We’ve helped big guys like GE, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Stanford University and Berkeley University host their own casino parties. We have also hosted everything from a casino-themed birthday party to a casino nights fundraiser, a poker party and other casino events for parties of 50 to 200 guests and more. Try us and find out what we can do for YOU!

Let Us Help You Plan the Perfect Casino Nights Party!

If you want to host your own perfect casino parties, you can consult us, Northern California’s most knowledgeable casino nights events experts. Full House Casino Events have been in the business of planning casino events since 2001.

We offer FULL SERVICE ‘what we can do FOR YOU’ casino night rentals. Orange County CA residents and customers looking for casino party rentals, Los Angeles, have been happy with our services. Our professional gaming tables and dealers are unmatched, and so is our customer service.

If you’re anywhere in the Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach CA, South Bay Area looking for casino night rentals, or if you are a located in the Southern California area please give us a call now at (949) 525-9386. Contact Us Now and let us help you give your guests an unforgettable time!

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